Sara Macdonald | Scottish PR |
Born: October 22nd 1971 | Edinburgh, Scotland |
Happily Married to: Noel Gallagher |
Mum of two gorgeous boys:
Donovan Rory Macdonald Gallagher &
Sonny Patrick Macdonald Gallagher |
The best of Sara: Sweet - Fun - Beautiful -Adorable - Classy - Intelligent |
Received award for 'Most Stylish Female' at the Scottish Style Awards 2013 -


Happy birthday to the gorgeous, sweet and lovely Sara Macdonald Gallagher!

From the deep of our hearts we wish Sara ALL the best in the world, cause she’s a wonderful woman and we adore her!

And you can submit photos, quotes, texts etc here and on our facebook page. Birthday wishes and everything you want! Thank you very very much in advance.